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PRODUCT PhotograpHY pricing

The total cost of product photography pricing is based on several factors. 

For instance, for one project, you may have very straightforward needs that require less pre-planning and minimal set design and require limited post processing. Your next shoot might have a concept that is substantially more challenging. It might require more time for material gathering or set building. It could take more time to set up, shoot and edit. It all depends on the balance between your needs and your budget.

Here are some potential components that might influence price:

  • Set Design and Props

  • Additional Crew, like Photo Assistants

  • Deadlines or Schedule Constraints

  • Number of Shots

  • Type of Shots (Hero vs Catalogue)

  • Additional Equipment Rental

  • Professional Models

  • Usage Fees

  • Studio or Location Costs

  • Travel 

When we have a conversation to discuss your needs, we can then determine which of these factors pertain to your project and how they will play into the overall price structure and plan. 

Whatever your case may be at any given time, we can work together to design a package and price that will accommodate your goals and hit the targets you’re aiming for.

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